Thursday, February 16, 2006

"The Twenty-Third Letter" - Location Scout

We'd really like to give a big thank you to Michael and Barbi for their huge generosity and superb hospitality. We went into downtown Los Angeles last night to scout some potential shooting locations for the TWENTY-THIRD LETTER trailer. And wow -- were we surprised and delighted!

First stop was their very cool and hip loft. While I'm still not sure which scenes would be best for the loft, I know we'll definitely be shooting here.

Michael and Barbi gave us the whole tour of their building and another building across the street. The rooftop of their building is a great location with great views. I could definitely see shooting some of the confrontation scenes between Drake and Seth up there, as well as additional stuff.

We also checked out the basement of the building. The place definitely has that "Fight Club" vibe. Very spacious and not a ton of crap lying around, but tons of texture, history and grit. Plus I was surprised at how well the lighting was. You could almost shoot it with available light. A definite bonus when you're trying to keep the production lean.

Then we went across the street to another building Michael had access to. What a great building. They have a killer art decco lobby that just begs to be shot inside of.

Plus they have a killer looking elevator maintenance room. We HAVE to shoot something in there.

But I have to say the real treat of the evening was getting on the building's roof. Wow! What a view! I've have always wanted to get on top of one of these buildings and shoot something. And I was not disappointed. It was a bitch getting up there and I don't do so well with heights, but it was worth it.

Outside of Michael and Barbi's building is the ideal alley. It's not very long, but it definitely has the perfect look for our film. I can't wait to shoot some of the Devi scenes there.

All I can say is, "This project is going to rock!"


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