Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Dead: The Haven Chronicles :: Chapter Two: Haven & The Duke

The second chapter in the exclusive Web series THE DEAD: THE HAVEN CHRONICLES is now playing on -- "Chapter Two: Haven & The Duke." If you haven't already, please check out "Chapter One: Manny Gallardo"

Please give the Flash Video player a few moments to load the video (you may see a blank black screen for a moment or two).

Originally shot during the summer of 1998, THE DEAD was an ambitious digital featurette in many ways unique to itself. It was one of the first projects to use the brand new emerging technology of digital video (shot with a Sony VX1000).

Starring Barbara Streifel Sanders (as Haven), James Martinez (as Jimmy) and Jonathan Carter Schall (as The Duke). The Dead tells the dark and surreal tale of the rise and fall of a scorned hit woman seduced into the dark and seductive goth underworld.

The world this dark fable unfolds within is partly real and mostly a digital creation. Many have commented that the look and feel is like "a living graphic novel." Many of the sets built were only partial. Painting in the rest of the set or location was a main cost savings feature for production. Many street exteriors, cityscapes and backdrops are hand painted and digitally composited giving the film a ghostly and surreal quality.

So please enjoy this newly released Web series edition of THE DEAD: The Haven Chronicles. Now playing Chapters One and Two.


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