Wednesday, March 15, 2006

H1 - Full Moon & Cloud Timelapse Test

So I'm driving home just after sunset and noticed that it was a full moon and the clouds from the previous storm were creating some fantastic mood. So I rushed into the house, grabbed the H1, my sticks and ran up to the terrace and quickly framed up some shots.

Now the H1 doesn't have an interval recording feature. So I simply set the camera up to record in 24F mode (not sure if 30F or 60i would've been better), set the camera up for +6db, 1/8th shutter, stop full open. Then I hit record and just let it run. Reframed several times and let each shot run for several minutes each.

I then brought those shots into After Effects and did a 10x speed increase (frame blending toggled 'on').

Wow! The exposure, lack of grain, fluidity of motion of the all looks phenomenal!

Here are some Quicktimes of two shots (h264, high bit-rate):

Test #1 - 21 Sec. - Cropped to 2.35:1 - 24p - h264

Test 1 480P 16.4MB
Test 1 720P 24.4MB
Test 1 1080P 40.6MB

Test #2 - 15 Sec. - Cropped to 2.35:1 - 24p - h264

Test 1 480P 14.1MB
Test 1 720P 20MB
Test 1 1080P 26.9MB


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