Monday, April 10, 2006

"The Twenty-Third Letter" - 2nd Weekend

Well, we finished shooting day #3 and #4 on the TWENTY-THIRD LETTER trailer shoot. We basically shot in and around our home on Saturday. Which is always a love/hate thing -- we didn't have to pack up everything and drive to location, but our home is now in complete shambles.

Sunday was a phenomenal day of shooting. While being in a building basement in downtown Los Angeles with no windows and a TON of dust can be taxing, the quality of footage we got down there is incredible.

So far the Canon H1 has performed flawlessly. The 20x lens is a challenge to focus, especially racks. But it's sharp and the quality we're getting from the camera has everyone grinning. The big surprise is the sharpness of the 3x lens. It's a standard definition lens with some softness in the corners, but it performed exactly how we wanted it to.


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