Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Moments in Time

Kelly Herrin, Barbara Sanders, Mark Ross, Jim Beck, Robert Sanders, Alexandra Boylan, Sean Pritchett, Jay Hinton
Greg McDougall, James Martinez, Alexandra Boylan, Jay Hinton, John Gorman
Michael Caruso (Drake Dante)
The production in full swing.
Sean Pritchett and Robert Sanders
Dorien Davies, Greg McDougall, John Gorman, Tanner Almon, Mark Ross, Justin Memnovich
Dorien Davies (Jesse Stewart) and Sean Pritchett (Donovan Sloan)
City Lofts basement location.
Terry G. Reed (Hadrien Dante) and Ian Malcolm (Jack Winston)
James Martinez, Sean Pritchett, Robert Sanders and Michael Caruso
Mark Ross, Justin Memovich, Robert Sanders, Dorien Davies, John Gorman
Christina Rodriguez (Makeup), Dorien Davies, Greg McDougall (FX Makeup)
City Lofts basement "torture set" location
Kelly Herrin operating the Jimmy Jib.
Scott Cecil, Sean Pritchett, Robert Sanders and Michael Caruso.
City Lofts basement location.

Tanner Almon (Assistant Camera) and Mark Ross (Cinematographer)
Rooftop location.
Cedric Martin (Steadicam Operator).


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