Friday, November 03, 2006

HD-DVD vs BluRay

I've been asked many times what my opinion is about the competing high definition video discs. There are two competing formats: HD-DVD and BluRay Disc. HD-DVD has been created and is backed by the original DVD consortium of manufacturers. BluRay is being created by Sony and will be the primary format used on the PlayStation 3.

There are many folks who believe that Sony has the advantage because of the upcoming PS3 game console. But I don't agree.

While I have no crystal ball with regard to this matter, I do have some feelings about which format will prevail.

1. HD is already a well recognized brand. Most consumers know it means High-Definition. DVD is one of the most recognizable brands in the history of consumer electronics. Therefore, it isn't a stretch to assume that John Smith consumer will instantly recognize that HD-DVD is a "High-Definition Digital Video Disc". On the flip side, John Smith consumer has to be educated as to what exactly is BluRay. I think that's an uphill battle for Sony.

2. HD-DVD players, while a little buggy, have already made it to the market. They're a bit pricey at around $500.

3. BluRay players have been delayed multiple times and are still not available for purchase. They're astronimically priced at $999.

4. Sony's PlayStation 3 consoles are already sold out and they haven't even been released yet. So getting your hands on one will take a while until the gamer fanatics get theirs. So, you're looking at March or April until the regular consumer can own one. And the question still begs: do PlayStation owners really use their consoles to play movies?

5. HD-DVD titles have a slight edge over BluRay titles.

The DVD Wars


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