Monday, November 06, 2006

Endeavor Independent

So it appears the Endeavor talent agency has picked the head of Endeavor Independent, a new arm of Endeavor specifically for packaging independent (that would be with a capital "I") film, Graham Taylor.

You might think, "This is an odd posting." Well, you're right. But the article in Variety got me thinking. There's a huge difference between what Hollywood deems Independent Cinema and what true independent cinema really is.

Here's a quote from the article:

"Recently announced Endeavor Independent projects include James Cameron's high-def 3-D film "Sanctum," which he is co-writing and producing; writer-director Zak Penn's ensemble comedy "The Grand"; and Stuart Townsend's "The Battle in Seattle," an ensemble political drama starring Charlize Theron and Ray Liotta.

Taylor also has secured financing for films including Richard Gere starrer "The Flock," from Bauer Martinez Studios; Jake Paltrow's Penelope Cruz starrer "The Good Night," from Inferno Entertainment; and the Kevin Bacon-Andy Garcia starrer "The Air That I Breathe," from Nala Films."

So you got that guys? Endeavor's idea of "independent film" is James Cameron, Zak Penn, Stuart Townsend, Charlize Theron, Ray Liotta, Richard Gere, Kevin Bacon and Andy Garcia.

Good luck getting them to consider your no-name horror film project.


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